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Fascinated by the pigeon sport which is already practiced during decades in our family I've specialized myself, as veterinarian, in the health and condition of pigeons. I obtained my diploma of veterinarian in 1994 at the University of Ghent.

In my own family I could practice my obtained knowledge. That way, I managed to turn my practice into one of the best in the field of diagnosis.

Raf Herbots


Only on appointment.

That way we can guarantee a good medical supervision of each pigeon lover apart.
Tel. +32 (0)475 24 65 89

Recovery and medication

We work out a complete schedule in function of the health, condition and needs of your pigeons.

Research and diagnosis

Bring a few sick pigeons and from every loft a sample of droppings. At death, we will, if necessary, ask you to bring the dead birth for autopsy.

  • Bring a few pigeons per loft.
  • Sample of droppings per loft in a plastic bag.
  • For bacteriological examination preferably take droppings during 5 days and keep it refrigerated.
  • In case of severe problems you can bring the pigeon for autopsy.
  • In our practice we do different kind of examinations :
    • - trichomoniasis
    • - Coccidiose
    • - Worms
    • - Bacteriological examination, such as mycoplasma, salmonella, streptococcus and e-coli Chlamydia
    • - Making an antibiogram
    • - Full autopsy
    • - Viral research such as herpes, adenovirus,…
    • - Fungus research
    • - DNA research
    • - All kinds of operations such as sterilization of pigeons.
  • Follow-up

    Every pigeon that has been treated by is has a medical file, so that we can immediately check the previous treatments and medication.


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